Inclement weather and student illness

Now that winter has arrived, here is a reminder about our inclement weather and student illness policy.  This information comes directly from the Mountview Student Handbook which can be found on our website.

Students are expected to go outside for fresh air and exercise at recess and at noon. This helps the children to focus during class time. Administrators decide on a daily basis if it is too wet or too cold to be outdoors. In general, if the temperature falls below -20°C or if it is raining heavily, children will remain indoors. Even if weather is somewhat inclement, the short time outside does not hurt the students if they are properly dressed. We ask that you make sure students have the required clothing and footwear to allow them to enjoy their time outside.

As a general rule, we believe that if children are well enough to come to school, they are expected to have an outdoor break with their classmates.  Children who are too ill to go outside are often too ill to be at school. They do not learn well and provide a possible source of infection for other children. We encourage these students to stay home as they will probably recuperate faster.

Thank you for your understanding and for your assistance in helping us ensure all students are prepared for the weather!