Mountview Elementary School Homepage News en-us Sat, 16 Dec 2017 11:28:52 MST Breeze for Teachers 5.0 Christmas Giving - for Mountview families in need We know that Christmas is a busy and expensive season and that many families have done lots of donating to others.  However, we have some Mountview families in need this Christmas season and we will be collecting cash donations to help support them through the Christmas season.  If you wish to donate, please send money to the office by Tuesday, December 19 (and specify that the money is for the Christmas Giving campaign).  Thank you for your help in making this holiday season a special one for all of our Mountview students and their families! News News Students learning about responsibility of digital citizenship Have you ever taken a photo off of Google to go with an assignment or even downloaded a song without paying for it, even if it’s for personal use? Students in Red Deer Public Schools are learning more about digital citizenship thanks to new monthly lessons. “Kids are growing up in a digital world and it’s our responsibility as educators to prepare them for the future and to give them every opportunity and advantage to be successful in society and to be contributing society members too,” said Stephen Pottage, Educational Technology Coordinator with Red Deer Public Schools. The curriculum, which is in support of the District’s digital literacy initiative, started in October. They include ready to go lessons for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The lessons can be found on the Red Deer Public Schools website. “Right now we’re using resources provided by a couple of different websites. The advantages are there is a lot of content and in multiple languages - English, French and Spanish,” said Pottage. “We’re just taking existing lessons and making them available for teachers. We’re aligning them so everyone in the District is working on the same theme every month.” He added Red Deer Public Schools felt it was important to incorporate the curriculum at all grade levels throughout the District. December’s theme is Creative Credit & Copyright. In this topic students will learn about copyright, plagiarism and piracy. “When people talk digital citizenship, primarily people talk about the bad - the dangers of being online. But we also want to talk about the advantages. If your an artist or a creative and you want to share your work online, there’s hundreds of thousands of experts out there that you can share your information with,” said Pottage. “We want to get kids to understand the rights that are afforded to them when they are publishing stuff online and also to respect those same rights when using media or mediums from other people.” Stu Henry, Superintendent of Schools added one challenge is that digital citizenship is not currently in the Alberta curriculum. “We’re hopeful when the new curriculum comes out that digital citizenship and digital literacy is embedded across all curriculums,” he said. However, the District has tried to make it as easy as possible for teachers to incorporate this topic in their lessons. “We’re not trying to add things onto teacher’s plates. We are utilizing existing resources - we are not asking anyone to create anything, but at the same time we are also cognizant that time is precious, so we are only picking resources where everything is there and laid out for the teacher,” said Pottage. As for parents, Pottage said the message can be applied to them as well. “If you’re a business owner and you are taking images and putting them on your website then you need to understand the legal ramifications. Copyright is a big one too - it’s about how we education people on respecting the intellectual property of others.” For more information, check out Parents can also check out News News Thank you! News News December School Council Newsletter Please find the School Council/Parents for Mountview December Newsletter here. News News Inclement weather and student illness Now that winter has arrived, here is a reminder about our inclement weather and student illness policy.  This information comes directly from the Mountview Student Handbook which can be found on our website. Students are expected to go outside for fresh air and exercise at recess and at noon. This helps the children to focus during class time. Administrators decide on a daily basis if it is too wet or too cold to be outdoors. In general, if the temperature falls below -20°C or if it is raining heavily, children will remain indoors. Even if weather is somewhat inclement, the short time outside does not hurt the students if they are properly dressed. We ask that you make sure students have the required clothing and footwear to allow them to enjoy their time outside. As a general rule, we believe that if children are well enough to come to school, they are expected to have an outdoor break with their classmates.  Children who are too ill to go outside are often too ill to be at school. They do not learn well and provide a possible source of infection for other children. We encourage these students to stay home as they will probably recuperate faster. Thank you for your understanding and for your assistance in helping us ensure all students are prepared for the weather! News News Christmas Market information Ecole Mountview School Christmas Market Ecole Mountview’s Parents for Mountview Council is excited to host a Christmas Market this Holiday Season!  The purpose of this market is to fundraise for the courtyard in the school and school bussing transportation costs.  We hope to strengthen our school and community spirit while we work together!   We are asking that every Mountview family joins us in working together to make the Christmas Market a big success by donating items for the Market that will then be purchased by students as Christmas presents for their family members on Monday, December 18th.   In order to ensure that we have enough items, we ask that each family donate at least as many items as there are members in their immediate family and as many items that their child(ren) will be purchasing.  Items do not need to be new but can simply be things found in your home that are gently used and would be “like new” to someone else. If we have an abundance of items we will keep the market open for families to come and shop afterwards. This info will be shared via Remind 101 and other social media – please sign up if you haven’t already! Any items that are not purchased will be donated to local charities.   There will be a Gift Checklist coming home with students during the week of Dec 4th or you can pick one up on our Parents for Mountivew bulletin board located in the hall between the Office and Staff room.  Parents and students are to fill out this Checklist indicating which family members the student will be purchasing gifts for.  Then fold the paper into an envelope, insert payment and return it to school between Dec 11 – 15 along with their gift donations.  This is to eliminate the opportunity for lost items.   We are also asking for donations of gently used gift bags and tissue paper that you may have at home as we will have gift wrapping stations set up. Only gift bags and tissue paper please as we need to wrap each gift in a timely manner. For every gift that your child is going to purchase, please send the same amount of gift bags along with your household donations. Donations of extra gift bags and tissue would be very much appreciated! We will be wrapping over 1500 gifts which means we need over 1500 gift bags & tissue paper!!     Lastly, we are looking for many volunteers to help set up and run the Christmas Market (Sunday and Monday, Dec. 17 and 18).  It is a great opportunity to spend some time in your child’s school, to see them smiling and laughing while maybe getting and extra hug!  We will need many helping hands to make this a success for our children, please come out and help whenever you can, many hands make light work ☺   If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to: or call Krystal Mooney 403-872-5566.   Merry Christmas and thank-you for your support! Parents for Mountivew Council   SEE OVER>>> Important Dates to Note:   Monday, Dec 11 through Friday, Dec 15 – Collection Days (gifts and Gift Checklists with money) *   Donations can be brought to the school.  Please send them with your child or drop off between 8:00-8:40. A bin will also be located in the Office for drop-offs.   Sunday, December 17th – Market Set Up *   Volunteers needed for set up, specific time to be determined.  More info to follow.   Monday, December 18th – Christmas Market Opens! *   Volunteers needed to help assist children and wrap gifts, escort classes and cleanup, 8 am – 4 pm.   Ideas for Donations:   We are looking for a variety of donations for a variety of people as children will be buying gifts for their parents as well as their siblings.  Donations should be clean and in good condition.  We ask that there is nothing too large donated as children will need to be able to carry these gifts home. Below are some ideas to help you out:   For Mom… Candles / candle holders Ornaments Unused bath products Stationary items Picture frames     Knick knacks Costume jewellery (no earrings) Kitchen items Scarves Journals Books                  For Dad… Books DVD’s CD’s Desk accessories Golf accessories (tees, balls) Sports memorabilia Stationary supplies Key chains Mugs Small tools Ties *Please note that our ‘Dad’ table could be very short of items to choose from and anything extra that you can find would be very appreciated.   For Siblings… Toys Books Stuffies (for hygienic reasons ONLY NEW stuffies can be accepted) Outdoor play toys Complete puzzles / board games Movies Mittens Coloring supplies Crafting materials Stationary supplies Posters   …these are just a few ideas to get you started!     We are very excited about this venture, and hope that with participation and support from all of our families at Mountview we can raise money for our school and donate to charities this Christmas all while sharing in the spirit of the Holidays!   Sincerely, Parents for Mountview Council News News Christmas Market - Volunteers Needed News News Literacy and Numeracy app The Edmonton Public School Board has created an app to help families support their children with literacy and numeracy at home with some really great content.  The app is called 'EPSB Together' and can be downloaded for free from the App Store (for iPhone) here or from the Google Play Store (for Android) here. News News FundScrip Gift Card fundraiser Parents for Mountview has launched a new, online gift card fundraiser which will be ongoing throughout the year. You can order gift cards here, and can find more information here.  *Please note, if you choose to pay by credit card, the profit is reduced by 1.99%.  If you are able to use the e-transfer (EFT) or online bill payment options, the school earns a bigger profit on your purchase. News News Online Fee Payment Online payment is now available for all student fees.  Click here for instructions. News News