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Friday, June 28, 2019


Summer Holidays Are Here!!!

What a busy last couple of weeks to end a fun and awesome year! I want to wish all of our Yetis and their families a wonderful break filled with family time, reading and lots of time to play outside!


Sometimes getting (far) away in the summer is hard due to work or other reasons but there are many Ah-mazing stay-cation spots in Alberta! My family and I have visited the following:


  • Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park -near Trochu. - The view at the top of the valley is like looking at a scene from an old western movie! Drive down to the bottom of the valley where there are lots of short trails (made by the deer) in the valley, among hoodoos and trees and there is a picnic area near the river with bathrooms. The river is a great place to skip rocks and wade in if it’s hot.

  • Ellis Bird Farm - near Joffre - This is a working farm with walking trails, farm animals to pet, old tractors to sit on, lots and lots of amazing bird houses and a cafe. What my kids and I love about it are the ponds that are full of water creatures you can scoop up with a net and put in jars to look at like tadpoles, scuds and insects. Really cool! And you can bring your own picnic lunch so it doesn’t cost you a thing!

  • The ghost town of Rowley - Step back in time to this ghost town which the locals have converted into a museum of sorts. You can get a free tour of the buildings; just stop in at the community hall on main street and look for one of the summer students. We really liked the “retro” playground with a witches hat merry-go-round and lots of monkey bars.


  • Siffleur Falls Hike - located west of Nordegg, this is a do-able hike for families (about 4km out and 4km back) that starts off with a suspension bridge over the Saskatchewan River! The views of the river gorge at the end of the hike are beautiful and amazing! On the way back home, stop at the David Thompson Resort for ice cream and to slide down a really long, metal slide that is tons of fun and maybe play mini-golf! If you don’t want to go as far as Siffleur Falls, Crescent Falls is just past Nordegg and is equally as beautiful. -

  • Gopher Hole Museum - Ok, this last one is a little bit weird but if you don’t mind taxidermied animals and have a strange sense of humour, the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington is for you! The tour guides are usually retirees who will tell you the stories behind the scenes of gophers posed in various diorama boxes of the businesses around town. When we went last summer, a lovely lady named Bunny told us all about a special gopher who went to the Vancouver Olympics. The gift shop is full of items that are hand-made by the local seniors. It’s around $2 a person, bring cash as they don’t take debit and the only ATM in town is in the hotel bar (so I found out). 



These are just a few of the cool and strange places we have visited during our summers. Where have you gone? Feel free to email me some ideas and I will share them on our Facebook page.


Besides stay-cations and other adventures, I really encourage all of our students to keep reading all summer! There are lots of free “little libraries” around the city and a library card to the public library is free. A weekly visit to the library will keep books on the minds of the kids, keep reading levels up and will give them something to do in the “down time” after a busy day at the pool or campsite.


Have a wonderful summer and see you on August 30th at our Meet the Staff BBQ from 11:30-1:30!


Diane Roberts, Principal



Friday, June 21, 2019


National Indigenous Peoples Day

Yesterday, 200+ students and staff (grades 2,3,4 - the grade 5’s were at camp) hiked down the hill to the Servus Arena to take in the Waskasoo Seepee Pow Wow! Due to timing we were only able to take in the beginning part of the pow wow but we heard the amazing drumming, saw the grand procession of dignitaries and watched some dancing. What a great way for our students to experience these aspects of the cultures of our First Peoples. Thank you to Christine Squire for most of these photos:




Grade 5 Camp!

Our grade 5’s, their teachers and several parent chaperones were out at Pioneer Ranch Camp, just west of Rocky Mountain House on Crimson Lake this past week for two days and a night. For some students, this is their first camping experience and first time doing many of the fantastic activities offered by the camp staff:

  • Canoeing

  • Horseback riding

  • Wall climbing

  • Axe throwing

  • Archery

  • Fire building and camping skills

  • Outdoor games

  • Singing around a camp fire and eating s’mores

  • Sleeping in a cabin with friends!


How amazing is that?! This quintessential Canadian experience is something that our Yetis look forward to all through elementary school and particularly all through their grade 5 year. I would like to thank the teachers who worked many extra hours to organize the trip: Martin Theriault, Britney Peters, Logan Vanderham, Logan Wowk as well as Vice-Principal, Lisa Peters and financial secretary, Kim Cadman. Huge thanks also goes out to the many parents who drove their vehicles to transport the gear and chaperone camp activities including staying overnight in cabins with students. Finally, thank YOU, our Mountview Yeti community for supporting school-based and Parents For Mountview-based fundraising, some of which helps reduce the cost of the camp for all grade 5 students.


Check our our Facebook or Instagram accounts for more pics of Grade 5 camp, Grade 2 Boat Float at the pool and much more!


Happy First Day of Summer!

(Recess supervision on the first day of SUMMER required Hawaiian garb plus winter boots and mitts!)


Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal




Friday, June 14, 2019


Rain, Rain!

On Thursday (yesterday) we unfortunately had a severe rain storm that hit our school just as our dismissal bell rang. We made the on-the-spot call to hold students inside for a few reasons:

  • The rain was coming down sideways

  • Two buses out on the grade 2 field trip to Markerville were late returning because one of the buses had broken down and there had been a wait for another bus to go out to get the students.


The call out to staff on the PA system happened as soon as we determined that it looked too severe to send students outside. Unfortunately, some students were sent out before they heard the call to hold students in. These students ended up very wet and some were upset by the experience. The majority of our students were held inside until the field trip buses returned and were safely unloaded. We then did a controlled release of students by bus number and then out to parents. Lastly, we sent students home who walk to school. By the time we released students outside, the rain had subsided but was still coming down. Everyone got wet, including the many staff members who went out in the pouring rain to help students get where they needed to go.


In addition to this, we had several parents make unwise decisions around picking up their children. We had vehicles pulling up in the bus lane. With two field trip buses plus our regular 5 buses arriving, we had difficulty unloading and loading students in that area as some buses could not pull up next to the sidewalk. We also had parents pull up onto the grass on the back field, onto the hill by the staff parking lot and into the staff parking lot. These decisions put our students’ safety at risk. In addition to this, we had a few parents yelling at staff members to send their children out to their vehicles while refusing to exit their vehicle to collect their child(ren). On the whole though, we did have great cooperation and patience from almost everyone.


I would like to let parents know that student safety is our utmost priority and we strive to do our best at all times to keep children safe. I thank our parent community for helping us to keep our students safe by parking in designated areas only. The following areas are off limits for parent parking:

  • The bus lane in front of the school, from the staff parking lot all the way down to almost the back alley. Look for the no-parking signs as installed by the city.

  • The staff parking lot

We also ask you NOT to drop off your child(ren) in the middle of the street. Please pull over and park. Most of our students are old enough to walk by themselves from a block away. It is not always a necessity to drop your child off right in front of the school.

Happy Retirement, Mr. T!

With mixed feelings we announce the retirement of Mr. Martin Theriault after 31 years of teaching! Mr. T. has been a cornerstone of our school who has taught hundreds, if not thousands of students over the years and mentored countless teachers. He can always be counted on to crack a joke in a staff meeting and to add sage advice to any conversation about student learning. He is much beloved by students for his warmth, sense of humour and expertise in French Immersion. We will miss you, Monsieur Theriault but are happy for you and your wife Dolly as you will now have much more time for travel. Felicitations! Bonne retraite!



Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal




Friday, June 7, 2019

It’s June! Hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year! For some, it is tempting to start a count-down but for some of our kiddos, they are going to miss the routine and seeing their friends and friendly Mountview staff members everyday. Some students will be moving on to middle school or are moving away, so a count-down can be anxiety-inducing. Instead we are focused on creating memorable learning experiences for our students over the next few weeks to celebrate another great year as a Yeti at Mountview!


Field Studies - Our teachers have organized many engaging, interesting and enjoyable learning opportunities for our students that will take place off school grounds. Also known as Field Trips, Field Studies provide an opportunity to learn curriculum content in ways and places that are different from the classroom. Here are some examples of the many field trips that are taking place in May/June as well as at earlier times in the year:


  • Kindergarten: Fire Hall, Safety City, Hunting Hills High School

  • Grade 1/2: Markerville Creamery/Hola School/Stephenson House, Rec Center Pool (boats and buoyancy), MAG Museum, Sunnybrook Farm

  • Grade 2: FarmMarkerville Creamery/Hola School/Stephenson House, Rec Center Pool (boats and buoyancy)

  • Grade 3: Downtown Library, MAG Museum, Fort Normandeau, Rec Center Pool (year end swim)

  • Grade 4: Waste Management Facility, Red Deer College (Math Fair), Kerry Wood Nature Center, Rec Center Year-End Swim

  • Grade 5: Grade 5 Camp (overnight), Year-End Swim


All students in grades 2,3,4 also participate in swimming lessons in the fall, once a week for 5 weeks. French Immersion students see a movie at the French Film Festival at Carnival Cinemas in December. In addition to all of this, our students go on several community walks throughout the Mountview neighbourhood and a bit beyond (Kin Canyon, Rotary Park, etc.). As well, there are certain groups like the choir and technology club who have gone on other field studies such as Festival of Trees and Coding Quest.


Field Studies which require busing are quite costly. Each grade team has a small budget for this and we are lucky to be situated in a part of the city where a 20-30 minute walk takes us to many other awesome places to learn!


As always, these experiences are made possible by support from parents who come along as chaperones as we need to have more supervision when we are off-campus. Thank you parents, grandparents and others who give up time from work to come with us!





Field Day - On June 12th we will hold our annual Field Day which is an afternoon of fun physical activities for all students in grades 1-5! We have several awesome parents who have signed up to volunteer but we could still use a few more. If you can help out, please call the school or email our friendly Vice-Principal, Lisa Peters:  



Alien InlineThank you once again, to the Charania Family (Holiday Inns Red Deer) for supporting the inline skating residency this week, Alien Inline. What a fantastic activity with an amazing instructor, Josh! Josh is studying Education at the Faculte St.-Jean at the University of Alberta and speaks French fluently. We can tell he is going to be an amazing elementary school teacher!



Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal




Friday, May 31, 2019


Alien Inline!

Next week, we have an inline skating group coming in to work with all of our classes. Alien Inline will spend time with every class twice during the week (except the K’s who will get to try inline skating once). Alien Inline provides the skates, protective gear and the instructors and we ask that students bring their own hockey helmet. The skating will take place in our gym. It will not take place during PE time because the inline instructors need to spend 45 minutes with each class and our gym periods are 30. So our students will get lots of exercise next week with PE, recesses and inline skating! A letter was sent home regarding Alien Inline.


I would like to thank the Holiday Inns of Red Deer (Charania family) for their support. They have been donating all of the bottles from their hotels and restaurant to our school. We have been saving this money and this is what is paying for Alien Inline for all of our students! Thank you very much, Holiday Inns and the Charania family! We would also like to thank Cosmos Bottle Depot for picking up the bottles and sending us the cheque!



Air Quality

The smoke really blew in on Thursday afternoon and we will be monitoring air quality to decide if students should be playing outside. Here is some information from Alberta Health Services regarding air quality advisories and what to do at home: Air Quality Advisories. This website on the Government of Canada site is also good for looking up current air quality levels in Red Deer.


Thank you, parents!

It is hard to believe it is June next week! June is probably one of the busiest months of the year with many field trips and special events. Thank you to all of our parents who take the time to help out as field trip chaperones or helpers in classrooms and in the school. We appreciate you more than you know! If you haven’t seen the short video we posted on our Facebook page as a tribute to our volunteers, please check it out!


Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal


Friday, May 24, 2019


Happy Graduation!

I would like to start out by extending congratulations to all of the Hunting Hills and Lindsay Thurber grads who will be celebrating 13 or more years of primary, middle and secondary education! As a feeder school to HHHS via Eastview Middle School and to LTCHS via Central Middle (French Immersion) there are many graduates who got their start at Mountview. We know that High School Completion does not only happen in grade 12. It starts in Kindergarten (and pre-K in some cases) and is an accumulation of lots of learning experiences over many years.  Along the way, many teachers, educational assistants, counsellors, social workers, administrators and others contribute to getting our students to the goal of graduation. We are pleased to have played a role in the success of graduates today at Hunting Hills and next Friday, at Lindsay Thurber. Congratulations! Felicitations!



Classes and Teachers For Next Year

Our planning for next year is definitely in full gear and decisions are being made regarding class configurations and staffing assignments as well as assigning students to classes. This is an ongoing process where we take many, many factors into consideration including student needs, supports, class composition, the talents of staff and budget. I would like to assure all of our parents and students that we carefully consider the needs of students and have the best interest of students always at the forefront of our decision-making. With all of this being said, we ask that parents please respect the process and the professional judgment of the staff who work with many children everyday and are not new to these types of decisions. We ask that you not make requests for particular teachers or to have your child placed with their friends. Even I, as Principal, make a point of NOT being involved in the placement of my own child who has been attending Mountview since before I was principal and for the past 4 years of my tenure. I trust the teachers and our Learning Assistance Teacher who know him best as a learner to make an appropriate placement for him. Of course, I believe that ALL of our teachers are amazing and I am happy to have my child in any classroom in our building.


Some students and their parents will be privy to class placement and supports in advance as part of that student’s individual program and transition plan. For the rest, we ask that you please wait until the Meet The Teacher BBQ/Open House on Friday, August 30 to find out who your child’s teacher will be. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which being that changes can and do happen over the summer. Our Meet The Teacher BBQ is something we started two years ago and it gives parents and students an opportunity to find out who their teacher is, see their classroom and drop off school supplies before school starts. We find that it makes the first day of school less stressful and easier for both students and parents.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We appreciate the support of our wonderful parent community and are looking forward to another wonderful year next year at Mountview!




Jo(e) Social Media Parent Evening

Don’t forget about our School Council sponsored event on Monday evening, Jo(e) Social Media Parent Presentation. You can find a link to the info on the homepage of our website, scrolling banner.


Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal




Friday, May 17, 2019


Bike Roadeo

By now many of you may have heard that our beloved, Mr. Theriault is retiring at the end of June after 31 years of teaching. He is not only a master teacher in our French Immersion program but has been an integral part of our school culture. Every Mountview school student has had a hot dog made by Mr. T, has participated in the Carnaval d’hiver organized by Mr. T. and has participated in the Bike Roadeo that Mr. T. runs for us. He will be greatly missed, leaving big shoes to fill and we look forward to seeing him back in our school as a substitute teacher in the fall!


This week we were a little short on parent volunteers for the Bike Roadeo but had a call from a teacher at Central Middle School, looking for an elementary school visit for her grade 8 students who did not go on the Quebec Trip. We invited them to come to Mountview and run stations at the Bike Roadeo and they were amazing leaders and mentors to our younger students! As a staff at our staff learning day today, we talked about more ways that we could connect big kids in middle and high school with our students at Mountview. Look for more of these connections next year!




Staff Learning Day - Planning for next year

Our staff had a very full and busy day today working on our Education Plan to identify our school goals and how we are going to meet district goals. The district goals remain under the same categories as in the past few years: Literacy & Numeracy, Equity and Student Success and Completion. Our staff is super collaborative and forward-thinking and have come up with some great ideas to ensure that we support our students intellectually, physically and mentally with excellent teaching and supports for students.

We enjoyed a staff lunch together and then we finished off our training on Making Sense of Aggression with Dr. Gordan Neufeld. Throughout the afternoon, some of our staff (those who signed up) enjoyed a massage from Black Rock Therapy, paid for by their benefit plan. We ended our day with a group walk n’ talk around the Mountview neighbourhood. Staff wellness continues to be a priority for us so that we are at our best when we work with kids.



Enjoy your May long weekend! I will be running the 10km race at the Woody’s Marathon on Sunday along with teacher, Jill Hockin (though she is much faster than me and will be far ahead!) It is always a great run around the city on our amazing trail system!

Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal





Friday, May 10, 2019


Parents With Big Hearts!

Recently, Fairview Elementary School put out a request for donations to their bottle drive which raises money to send their 40 grade 5 students to Grade 5 Camp at Pioneer Ranch. Our Parents For Mountview group which puts on all of those fundraisers you support all year, met last Monday evening and talked about how they could help out. If you have not heard about Fairview Elementary School, it is a small school in the Riverside neighbourhood just off downtown Red Deer. This wonderful school is home to a diverse population including many new Canadians. They are also situated in an area of town with a lower socio-economic profile and they find it very difficult to fundraise any money at all. So when our Parents For Mountview group heard about this, they discussed how they could share some of Mountview’s good fortune and ability to fundraise. They decided to donate $1000 to Fairview School to help with the cost of their camp! This will pay for 10 kids to go to camp or 20 kids at a subsidized rate. The money may also go to help purchase sleeping bags or rubber boots for students who cannot afford to purchase these essential camping items. I called the Principal of Fairview, Kim Walker during the meeting to tell her and she was so thrilled. I put her on speaker-phone and she told the story of how most of the students at Fairview have never been outside of their neighbourhood let alone Red Deer and for many, going to camp will see them have experiences that they have never had and may never have again. These activities include canoeing, sitting around a campfire, riding a horse and hiking in a forest. The parents in our group were so moved by what she said that there was not a dry eye around that table. I am so proud of our group of parents and am in awe of their enormous hearts. They truly get what Equity is about and that it truly does take a village (or even neighbours on the other side of the city) to raise a child...or 40!



Move Your Mood and Energy Cube Update

We have been continuing to involve our students in whole-school activities to get moving and improve our mental health! This week, each class is taking some time to go for a walk in our local area and discover a playground to play on. Here is a beautiful photo sent to me by Madame Lauren of her grade 2’s taking a “secret path” to get to Rotary Park. We are so fortunate to have our school situated so close to the city trails!




I want to encourage our students and their families to continue to log those energy cubes. We are currently sitting FOURTH in the province out of 19 schools! With some more dedication to moving our bodies and recording those cubes, I know that we can be at the TOP! Let’s go, Yetis!



Happy Mother's Day to all of our amazing Yeti moms out there! Hope your day is wonderful!

Finally, Ramadan Mubarak to all of our students and families celebrating Ramadan right now (May 6-June 3). One aspect of Ramadan that I admire is that in addition to fasting from food, Muslims will refrain from unkindness, insults and fighting. They are also encouraged to do good deeds and donate to charity. Sounds like some actions we could all be encouraged to do more often!



Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Diane Roberts, Principal


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