Principal's Message


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Friday, June 22, 2018


Here we are at the (almost) end of another school year! I would like to congratulate our amazing group of grade 5’s for completing elementary school. You have all grown so much since Kindergarten to become the awesome leaders and Yetis that you are. You are ready for the challenge and excitement of middle school and we wish you all the best of success as you move on to Eastview, Central or Westpark!

Awesome artwork by Madame Nathalie!


Keeping the kids occupied during all of those long summer days can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for around home and in our community:



Another thing you can do...let them be bored! Find out why this is a good thing HERE.

Provide craft supplies and cardboard or let them go nuts with a cookie recipe. Let them re-discover those toys in the toy box or closet that haven’t been played with in who knows how long. Go to the park with some friends of the same age and just let them play. Kids have lots of great ideas and can be very creative if given the freedom to explore.


Here is an idea for dealing with screen time in the summer. You could modify it to suit your family.


To close out the year, I would like to thank our whole Yeti community for an awesome 2017-18 and we will see you again in September!

Have a super awesome summer break!



Diane Roberts, Principal