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Friday, January 18, 2018

INTRODUCING...The Polar Yeti Club!!!

We are in the middle of winter with some of the coldest days yet to come. With cold and wet weather, we sometimes need to call an indoor recess or call off skating/skiing classes. District policy states that an indoor recess can be called when the weather is -20C or colder. This year, we purchased and installed our own weather station at the school. It sits on top of a light post in our parking lot and gives us accurate information on current temperature, windchill factor, humidity, rain levels, wind speed, etc. It is a great tool for our grade 5 classes to use when studying weather in Science and it is also helpful in determining whether or not we should have an indoor recess or cancel skating/skiing. Prior to having the weather station we relied on reports on the Weather Network which takes its readings at the Red Deer Airport. Our school sits in a more sheltered location than the airport and we have noticed that our local temperature can vary from the airport temperature by several degrees. We are now using our weather station to determine indoor recesses/skate-ski cancellations and we hope to have it linked to our website soon so that parents can look up the temperature at Mountview as well. The one thing the weather station does not do is make a forecast for future weather. It tells us current data only.


With all of that being said, we are looking at starting a Polar Yeti Club where students can go outside up to -30C, with parent permission, and dressed properly for cold weather. We have staff supervisors who are willing to supervise in colder weather so that students can get outside for fresh air and activity, even on very cold days. I will be sending home a permission letter next week explaining what this is all about. Until then, here is a website about Polar Bear Clubs. We would run the Polar Yeti Club in conjunction with an indoor recess so that students who do not have permission or who do not have proper outdoor cold/wet weather clothing would stay inside and do a walking circuit and/or intramural activities in the gym.

Outside is the best side!


Have fun playing outside this weekend!


Diane Roberts, Principal