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Where does the money raised from Fundraising go?

Parents For Mountview (PFM) has traditionally supported the following:
  • busing for swimming lessons - $4000
  • subsidizing grade 5 camp - $3500
  • benevolence fund - $500
  • school field trips - $3000
  • staff appreciation - $400
And then Parents For Mountview (PFM) can choose other things to support if the funds are there. In the past, they have supported:
  • courtyard improvements - $1500
  • Christmas hampers for Mountview families - $500
  • Last year, money for Don Campbell's School Council to get started - $1000
  • Going back even farther, a new playground and cross-country skis 
Some things that the school and parents who answered the Fundraising Survey would like PFM to consider for this year are:
  • breakfast program
  • u-shaped tables for guided reading (one per classroom)
  • continued courtyard improvements
  • washer and dryer
  • pinnies with school logo on them for things like the Dawe Run, Loppet and sports tournaments
  • new mascot costume




Hot Lunch Program, usually twice per month ($2890 raised to date)
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October 2017

QSP Magazine Subscriptions – in print and digital ($3,746.82 raised)

  • Continues throughout the whole school year

November 2017

Perogy and Sausage Sale ($2,730 raised)

  • Orders can be picked up between December 4-22 at Viva Deli (4324 54 Avenue)

December 2017

Christmas Concert Raffle ($1,179 raised) & Front Row Seat Auction ($680 raised)

Thank you to those who donated!

Christmas Market - Monday, December 18 ($2,173 raised)
Volunteers needed!

January 2018

Family Movie Night - Thursday, January 18 ($247 raised)

February 2018

Read-A-Thon – School fundraiser, not Parents for Mountview

Ice Cream Sale ($137 raised)

March 2018

Cookie Sale ($259 raised)

April 2018

Trifecta Fundraiser - Happy Hippo ($450 raised)

                                 - Vesey's Bulbs ($557 raised)

                                 - Rustic Sign Night ($216 raised)


Hot Dog Sale ($117 raised)

May 2018

Popcorn Sale ($442 raised)

Freezie Sale ($467 raised)

Ice Cream Sale

Messinger Meats ($3,300 raised)

June 2018

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